Spotting Lying Liars

This is just a basic run down of gestures and verbal cues that may indicate someone is being untruthful, and not indication that someone is lying, just that they are more likely to be lying.

  • Physical expression will be limited and stiff.
  • Their movements will be eratic and quick.
  • Sweat and higher heartbeat.
  • Speak quickly, and want to change subject or leave as soon as they can.
  • Change the subject, a liar will follow along willingly and be more relaxed.
  • The more questions they are asked the more uncomfortable they get.
  • If they have lied before they are more likely to be lying.
  • Pull on clothes or hair.
  • Their hands will be touching their face, nose, throat and mouth.
  • Not likely to touch chest/heart with open hand.
  • Hide their face.
  • Display of emotions is delayed and stops suddenly.
  • Timing is off between emotions/gestures/expressions and words.
  • Gestures/expressions don’t match verbal statements.
  • Expressions are limited to the mouth only instead of the whole face.
  • When a right handed person lies they look up and to the right.
  • Blink more rapidly.
  • Too much details show a person’s desperation to be believed.
  • Using words from the question in their answer.
  • Avoiding use of contractions such as saying “did not” instead of “didn’t”.
  • Using humor and/or sarcasm to avoid the subject.
  • They use the same sentences/words over and over.
  • Staring at a liar and being silent will make them uncomfortable.
  • Liars get defensive.
  • Liars are uncomfortable facing their accuser/questioners.
  • Feet will point away from you.

Some people know this information all too well so they know how to avoid these signs that would give them away.