Fun C/C++ Declarations

auto accident; register voters; static electricity;

struct by_lightning; void *where_prohibited; char broiled; short circuit; short changed; long johns; long dong_silver; unsigned long letter; double entendre; double trouble; union organizer; union jack; float valve; short pants; union station; void check; unsigned check; struct dumb by[sizeof member]; const ipated; case closed: double or_nothing; short sighted; volatile buggy_code; unsigned anonymous; auto mobile; long trousers_with_holes; char red_to_a_crisp; unsigned long long contract; float y_thing; union commitee; volatile gas; volatile liquid;

/* Borland’s additional C keywords */: interrupt ed; near sighted;

#define answer_universe 42

Some of these were obtained from the FSF’s email archives of the GNU Project.

class dismissed;