Fun C/C++ Declarations

auto accident;
register voters;
static electricity;
struct bylightning;
void *where
char broiled;
short circuit;
short changed;
long johns;
long dongsilver;
unsigned long letter;
double entendre;
double trouble;
union organizer;
union jack;
float valve;
short pants;
union station;
void check; unsigned check;
struct dumb by[sizeof member];
const ipated;
case closed:
double or
short sighted;
volatile buggycode;
unsigned anonymous;
auto mobile;
long trousers
char red
unsigned long long contract;
float y_thing;
union commitee;
volatile gas;
volatile liquid;

/* Borland's additional C keywords */:
interrupt ed;
near sighted;

men() {
    goto pub;
    return pissed;
women() {
    goto bathroom;
    while (1);
#define middle
middle class businessMan {
    ino_t want_to_go_to_work;
    #if speeding_to_work_because_you_are_late
    off_t o_jail;
class mate {
    ino_t wannagotoskool;
class clown {
    !friend class teacher;
    friend class mate;

#define answer_universe 42

Some of these were obtained from the FSF's email archives of the GNU Project.

class dismissed;